What is Falco Talon?

What is the Falco Talon project?

Falco Talon is a Response Engine for managing threats in Kubernetes clusters. It enhances the solutions proposed by the Falco community with a no-code tailor-made solution. With easy rules, you can react to events from Falco in milliseconds.

Why having created Falco Talon?

Over the years, the Falco community proposed different methods to react to the Falco Events, what we call a response engine. All these methods rely on a 3rd party FaaS (Function as a Service) and come with drawbacks:

  • all actions must be developped by the users to manage:
    • the errors
    • the Falco event format
    • the authentication
    • the K8s SDK complexity
    • the security
    • the upgrades of the deps
  • latency
  • complexity to manage sequential actions
  • intrication between the function and its configuration

This is why we started to develop a custom solution specifically built for Falco: Falco Talon.

  • Tailor made for the Falco events
  • No-code implementation for end-users
  • UX close to Falco with the rules (yaml files with append, override mechanisms)
  • Allow to set up sequential actions to run
  • Structured logs (with a trace id)
  • An official Helm chart for the deployment in K8s

The match for the rule can be based on the:

  • Falco rule name (=)
  • priority (=, >=)
  • tags (=)
  • output fields (=, !=)

What is it good for?:

  • React in real-time to the Falco Events
  • Allow fine granularity to match the events to react to
  • Responding to default rules with specific overrides

What is it not good for?:

  • Complex reaction worflows with conditions between the steps

What is it not yet good for?

See this issue on Github to know more about the upcoming features.

Where should I go next?

Start by learning the Concepts.

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